Below is the speech I gave in front of all Callbox employees during this year’s Christmas party. I’m very proud of what our company has achieved this past decade, and this short message pretty much sums up that feeling I’d like to share with everyone:

Yesterday, I decided to go for a short walk around Diversion Road.  It was a tough day; the leaders and I reviewed annual reports and set goals for 2015.  I’m sure some team leaders are still distressing and shaking from those meetings with me.  I really apologize for the intensity and pressure.

Anyway, this short walk brought back some memories of the early years of Callbox.

Just 10 Christmases ago, we had our first Christmas party just around the corner next to the old bridge, across the Pag-Ibig office. The place was called Zuba.


Callbox’s very first Christmas party, circa 2004

Back then, Callbox was just a small company and there were only around 25 employees.  For the most part, we didn’t have a solid business plan, and we had less than 10 small clients, more than half of which were just friends of mine from college trying to help me get the business started.


Behind that door: where it all began.

We were doing Virtual Assistance, Data Entry, Hotel Booking, Website Development, and maybe 1 or 2 Lead Generation campaigns or whatever our clients would pay us to do.  Back then, we were still using a string of VoIP boxes and manually dialing every call.  There were a couple of developers we hired to write a small database app to help us keep track of the phone numbers we were dialing. This “small app” soon became what is known today as our Callbox Pipeline.

There weren’t any “teams” yet — it was just a single group. For all intents and purposes, I was the team leader.

At that point 10 years ago, we didn’t really know what Callbox really was or what it will be. But amidst all the risks and uncertainties, I KNEW ONE THING: we were all going to do something amazing.


Callbox was a small operation fueled by a huge ambition.

We all had that look that we were on to something, that we were headed in the right direction and we were just getting started.  We knew that Callbox was a special company.


10 years later, “amazing” happened.  


Callbox is now a global business-to-business marketing company.

Callbox now has over 700 employees in 2 locations. We are incorporated in 5 different countries and have clients in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, and more.  We have provided services to hundreds of Global 2000 companies.  We are globally-recognized as a leader in the business of providing B2B marketing services.

Most importantly, we have helped built families and communities that feed, educate, and support thousands of people in Iloilo and Davao. What we have all accomplished is truly amazing and something to be very proud of.

Community service is embedded into Callbox DNA.

That same feeling I had 10 Christmas parties ago remains strong as ever today.  I know for a fact that Callbox will do something even more amazing and great.  It’s a special feeling to be confident enough to believe that anything is possible, that you’re just getting started and about ready to take off and explode.

It’s that sort of feeling you get when you just went on a first date with the right guy or the right girl. Or the day your son or daughter was born. That the future is all blue skies and great things are yet to come.

I think this feeling is something that comes out when you are always looking to improve and reinvent yourself.  And that’s the Callbox culture that has made us extremely successful.  We are always changing and always reinventing ourselves.  This year was no different than previous years. As most of you know, we have made so many changes to our business, our services, our tools, and to the way we project ourselves to the public eye. We constantly reinvent ourselves again and again and will continue to do so every single year in the future.


“We made it.” Callbox Christmas Party 2014

So let this be a celebration of not only what we have become in the last 10 years, but also a celebration of what our little startup called Callbox will accomplish in the next 10 years!

Thank you everyone!


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